Snap, crackle, truffle.

The Crispy Salmon Truffle Avocado (crispy rice, handmade guacamole, truffle salmon, tartare on top, tobiko, microgreens, and aji amarillo) knows how to make an aromatic entrance with burning incense that awakens your senses. The crispy rice literally explodes in your mouth, and the avocado… it doesn’t get any fresher.

And because there’s no such thing as too much truffle - here’s to the Tuna Pizza Special (tuna on bed of red onions and cream cheese, on top of a tortilla with microgreens, tobiko, guacamole aji amarillo, crispy rice, and truffle oil).

Let the good times roll with our top 3 favorite rolls: the Ebi Tiradito Roll (mamenori, cream cheese, masago, shrimp tempura scallion sushi ebi, sweet chili sauce, ponzu sauce, aji amarillo sauce sweet potato chips, and crispy rice), the Butter Crab Roll (mamenori, osaki kani, mayo, and ponzu clarified butter sauce), and their newest addition, the Doral Roll (mamenori, masago, krab dip, fried shallots, osaki kani avocado shrimp tempura, salmon tataki, trout caviar nikkei sauce, citrus sauce, honey truffle sriracha, and golden flakes).

The best things in life are sweet and it doesn’t get any sweeter than Sokai’s Marquesa Roll (chocolate milk, nutella, strawberries, maria crackers, condensed milk, and shaved almonds).

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