It’s game time baby! Copa America is here and The Dirty Rabbit is loving it. On Saturday, June 15th, Colombia vs. Argentina played, and everyone was ready to rep’ their team… Placing bets and ready to take shots both our Colombian’s and Argentinian’s needed a few drinks. Whether it was to celebrate a win or drink away the loss, the entire crowd was wearing their favorite team jerseys as they mingled with the people on the same side as them… At the end of the day that’s what soccer season is for, to bring everyone together for nothing but a good time!

Summer time calls for sipping on cocktails, especially with Miami’s heat… so take a look at just another wild time at The Dirty Rabbit, where everyone’s glasses are up in the air, and the vibes are up high as well…

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Baru | 06.15.19
Vista at Upper Buenavista

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